Friday, March 26, 2010

Reid's Conference, Annual Meeting, and eventually the Wine Event!? OH BOY

The Unalaska/Port of Dutch Harbor CVB, reporting in! :)

We had an amazing turn out at the WAISC Conference. :) Over 40 people flew in to attend and more than 35 locals showed up to listen in and take part!

But that's not the best part of it all, guys! It's not over yet! So be sure to swing by! There's loads to learn both about the Maritime Organizations who have various projects on hand to tell you about and answer your questions, as well as a specially grievous topic, Ocean Acidification! This reporter hadn't even heard of such a thing! Ocean Acidification will be covered in depth at a filming of the recent Documentary called "A Sea Change," as well as a question and answer service following a discussion.

Also, a bit of sadder news! Calling in to the main Penair office in Anchorage, we have discovered that the Gruman Goose is no longer being offered for tours due to maintenance costs and the requirements of it's required routes. ): We shall miss the Goose.

On the upside, what the Goose was in relation to was that we have three cruise ships confirmed as well as Elderhostel coming in this year! When we see them come to port be sure to put on a smile and give them a big Unalaska welcome! :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Unalaska/Port of Dutch Harbor CVB would like to congratulate the staff of the Museum of the Aleutians for the Monumental Success of the Chocolate Extravaganza! Rough calculations of ticket prices reveal that at the very least, eighty five people attended! All of the glorious grub, beneath such a ravenous pack of chocola-teers was almost entirely gone by eight o'clock! Many apologies to the folks who showed up late, but they undoubtedly had an abundance of something that -doesn't- run out! Good company, of course!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Website!

Oh! Lookie here!

We finally updated the main website, check it out for more info and to contact directly. Let us know if you want one of our information envelopes!



Preparation for Fireworks

As the year comes to a close, the buzz of fireworks spreads through the population of Dutch Harbor and Unalaska as quickly as... well... fire.

Today is December 30, 2009, and as we speak the fireworks display is being set up. Every year, many people come to watch the beautiful bright colors and designs light up the sky. In some previous years, clouds have eerily crawled their way across the mountains and into Front Beach where the display is held every year, and the colors have been blanketed and even exaggerated by the mist.

Tomorrow night at 12:00, the fireworks will go off in an annual celebration of a year done well.
How is this possible, in such a small town? The city decides to order a large set of fireworks and then volunteers set them up on the far side of the bay. Many people are greatful for this, not only as entertainment but also for relaxation and refreshment.
 When the year ends and the new decade begins, we'll all look back with a cup of coffee from the coffee hut and smile just thinking about it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How the Bering Sea got its name

On 28 April 1789 a group of sailors led by Fletcher Christian seized control of HMS Bounty. Seeking to escape the inevitable British punishment, Christian and eight mutineers, along with 12 women (whom they took as wives) and six men from Tahiti, settled Pitcairn, a volcanic island first sighted in 1767. Every Eden has its serpents, however, and all the Tahitian men and nearly all the mutineers died when the Tahitians revolted. Other mutineers died from alcohol, internecine violence, and disease until only John Adams remained. Under his stewardship, peace returned, and the surviving 10 women and 23 children persevered. Today, Pitcairn remains isolated and rarely visited, inhabited by roughly 60 direct descendants of the Bounty mutineers.

More than 60 years earlier, and thousands of miles north of Pitcairn, Danish sea captain Vitus Bering undertook two voyages of geopolitical and scientific significance. Tsar Peter the Great commissioned Bering to explore the Siberian Far East and Alaska, to determine if Asia and America were separate continents, and to map the American west coast. During his explorations Bering discovered the southern route around Kamchatka; founded the town of Petropavlosk; built two ships, the St. Peter and St. Paul; and sighted the Alaskan mainland.

Returning to Russia, the St. Peter wrecked on an uninhabited island Bering. He, along with almost half the crew, died of scurvy and was interred on the island. Although Bering perished, his explorations had a lasting and profound impact on the exploration and settlement of the Russian Far East and the west coast of North America - the sea, strait, and island named for him reflecting his importance

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

our new website

Have you went to the new website yet?? Please do and let us know what you think!!

Discover the beauty of December

where the fresh water meets the ocean, the snow covers the land like a soft crisp coat. The days are shorter and the air has the delight of the holidays.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

When will the snow arrive?

Just on the peak...

Just on the caps...

Even lower now...

Will it be today??? Next week?? Next month???
It's coming... Who's ready?!?!?!?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall is in the air...

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves."
-John Muir


After taking a drive over the pass, there they were out behind Summer's Bay lake.