Friday, March 26, 2010

Reid's Conference, Annual Meeting, and eventually the Wine Event!? OH BOY

The Unalaska/Port of Dutch Harbor CVB, reporting in! :)

We had an amazing turn out at the WAISC Conference. :) Over 40 people flew in to attend and more than 35 locals showed up to listen in and take part!

But that's not the best part of it all, guys! It's not over yet! So be sure to swing by! There's loads to learn both about the Maritime Organizations who have various projects on hand to tell you about and answer your questions, as well as a specially grievous topic, Ocean Acidification! This reporter hadn't even heard of such a thing! Ocean Acidification will be covered in depth at a filming of the recent Documentary called "A Sea Change," as well as a question and answer service following a discussion.

Also, a bit of sadder news! Calling in to the main Penair office in Anchorage, we have discovered that the Gruman Goose is no longer being offered for tours due to maintenance costs and the requirements of it's required routes. ): We shall miss the Goose.

On the upside, what the Goose was in relation to was that we have three cruise ships confirmed as well as Elderhostel coming in this year! When we see them come to port be sure to put on a smile and give them a big Unalaska welcome! :D

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